Attention vendors, sellers, and buyers:

MIDWEST BIRD AND ANIMAL BREEDERS ASSOC. will NO LONGER allow buyers or sellers to treat animals inhumanely. NO USE of zip-ties, strings, or rubber-bands on legs.  NO paper, plastic, mesh, or garbage bags.  BUYERS MUST PROVIDE a wire cage, wooden crate, pet carrier, or other container with proper air holes. (Cardboard boxes with air holes are allowed for chicks under 4 weeks.

If buyers are unprepared to transport purchases humanely there are many vendors with cages and crates for sale at the swap.

SELLERS: By paying your setup fee and entering the fairgrounds, you agree to help enforce these rules, and to refuse sale to buyers that do not comply with these rules or other rules of the swap.

Buyers and sellers caught breaking these rules will be removed from the grounds immediately, by MBABA officials or law enforcement as necessary.