On this page, you will read about the history of the Midwest Bird And Animal Breeders Association; our humble beginnings, our present, and our hopes for the future.

In the fall of 1989, a small group of “dreamers” had the idea of starting a bird and animal club. The reason behind this was that the club that was holding swaps at our location was no longer able to keep them going.

With the leadership of Joseph Hoy and the help of Gary Garrod, about fifty letters and phone calls were made to people they thought would be interested .

The first meeting was held at the home of Joseph Hoy in January, 1990, with about forty people showing up from four states. The club name was selected and guide-lines we talked about.

It was decided that two more meetings should be held before officers were elected and dues collected. A date and place was set.

At the second meeting, more discussion was had about forming the organization, and the third meeting scheduled.

At the third meeting, officers were elected. President: Joseph Hoy..Vice President: Estelle Wernele..Secretary: Susie Davis.. Treasurer: Cherry Stearns.

Dues were set at $10.00 per year. Charter membership was extended to those present. Holding swaps and sales would be our source of income. The club would be a Not For Profit Illinois Corporation, donating to the library system and youth groups involved with birds and animals.

With the help of Charter Member Leo Marquardt, the Monroe County Fairgrounds in Waterloo, Illinois was secured. We hold eight swaps per year.

Over the years, our swaps have grown to be some of the largest in the Mid-West. Our goals have not changed, and our mission is still the same.

If you would like to become a proud member of the Midwest Bird And Animal Breeders Association, please feed free to contact any of our officers, or e-mail us for more information.