Midwest Bird and Animal

Breeders Association

Monroe County Fairgrounds

4177 Hwy 156 West

Waterloo, Illinois 62298

2015 Swap & Sale Days

  March 29      April 26       May 31    June 28

  August 30     Sept. 27       Oct. 25     

Hours 5:30 a.m. Till 11 a.m. (Sellers 5:00 a.m.)

or Earlier as Vendors Sell Out.

Spot Approximately 12 ft.-Additional spots for extra fee.

All Personal Pet Dogs Pay-$5.00

**All Dogs Must Be In Cages At All Times Or Will Be Turned Away**

No alcoholic beverages, guns or ammunition 

allowed on the premises.

All cages must contain food & water and not be over crowded.

Violation of rules is cause for removal from the fairgrounds and may cause entry fee to increase.

Midwest Bird and Animal Breeders Association offers only a place for Sellers

 and Buyers to meet. All rules must be followed. Any animal or bird brought into the State of Illinois must have proper health papers, permits and port of entry within 48 hours of entry. Numbers are issued 24 hours per 7 days a week by the Dept. of Agriculture, State of Illinois.


Department of Natural Resources 217-785-3423 or 888-673-7648

All poultry, excluding waterfowl, is required by the State of Illinois

to be tested and Pullorum-Typhoid clean before being exhibited or

 sold at shows or sales. Please have this done before swap days.

Contact the state tester in your area.

For more information contact : Walter Rau at 618-939-6809

Or write: Midwest Bird and Animal Breeders Association

P.O. Box 310 Waterloo, Il 62298