[ List for preparedness for attending swap. Please let me know if I need to modify/edit this list. ] Special rules for dogs, ESPECIALLY PET DOGS, see below

  Money, small bills.

  Papers/paper work

  Walking shoes

  Cards and markers to make price tags

  Expect a lot of walking

  Extra cages

  Tarp or enclosure from elements

  Any license(S)/Permit(s)


  Cages and wagon to carry cages (Cars are discouraged from driving to pick up animals in pedestrian areas)


  Coat / raincoat /umbrella

  Only use pencil on hatching eggs, markers may kill them.

  Be aware it is very very cold on animals exposed on open bed/trailers below 50 degrees F. while driving and can make certain animals very sick.

  Be aware it is hot on animals exposed on open bed/trailers while sitting at higher than ~80 degrees F. or in very cramped locations

  Be aware animals must be able to breath, even as others are put on top of them.

  Do not be cruel to any animal.

  Expect long lines to get in, line often begins before midnight.

  Be aware, swap is over by about 10 - 11 AM

Dogs (regardless of size or age) or other predators are NOT allowed to walk (leashed or not) around the swap. They pose an interpreted threat to birds just by being there, therefore causing the birds to behave in escape mode and breaking their necks on cage tops while trying to jump away. Dogs/puppies for sale must be in a cage at all times.